About Rachel Benson

My name is Rachel Benson. I live Robbinsdale with my husband and two young children. We have called Robbinsdale home since 2016. We love the parks, local businesses, and the community we have found here.

In 2019 I stepped down as the treasurer of the MOMS club where I handled the finances and taxes for that time. Since 2014, I've been raising my two kids and managing our household. Between 2014 and 2018 I managed our previous home as a rental property.
Before that, I gained experience doing the following;

  • Managing Group Homes
  • Education Assistant at Minneapolis public schools
  • Interning at Somali Family Services
  • Teaching English abroad in South Korea

Most important, I’m a member of this great community who wants to continue to see it grow and flourish.

I am running for city council representing ward 2. Robbinsdale has seen huge growth and revitalization in the last several years. I will focus on continue this growth as your city council member.

As we enter the future we need to look at ways to keep the people who live, work, and visit our beautiful city safe.

We need to work on modernizing and increasing infrastructure.

COVID-19 has impacted Robbinsdale businesses. Those businesses play a huge role in our community. I work to support them and their ability to reopen when it becomes safe to do so.

As everything opens up we need to focus on safety. Safety for those that visit our city. Safety for those who work here. And safety for those who call Robbinsdale home.

Robbinsdale has completed many exciting projects in the past few years. Many more are in the planning phases and are being worked on for the future.

A few notable projects are;

  • The water plant for cleaning Crystal Lake. It has been beneficial in cleaning the lake water, making it a pleasure visit and walk around.
  • The new city water treatment center and tower. This will bring clean, safe, softened water to all Robbinsdale.
  • The flooding problems on Chowen Ave N. are being addressed.

As our city ages, more projects will come up. We need to plan for and devise the best ways to continue to make our city a pleasure to visit and live in.

Robbinsdale is a small and diverse city that prides itself on its mission statement.

Robbinsdale Our Hometown

  • Our community of citizens and businesses – dedicated, proud and involved
  • Our government – accessible, accountable, open and compassionate
  • Our resources – prudently allocated and equitably provided

I will hold of city accountable to this mission and represent all our citizens interests.

Please share what you love about Robbinsdale and things you wish to see the city improve on. I hope for your vote in the upcoming primary election in August.